Welcome to the Official Hamilton Wenham Senior Basketball League Website
The Hamilton Wenham Senior Basketball League offers fellowship and exercise for basketball players with more life experience.  

Our goals include:

  • Attract participants who respect the game, fellow players, the officials, and the facilities to maximize our collective fun (and minimize injuries!).
  • Put together teams with relatively equal talent to promote competitive games.
  • Provide a sport forum to better know and enjoy our fellow townspeople and participants from other communities to the extent we have capacity to do so.

Thursday playoff standings after Round 1
Bracket ‘A’
6-Patton’s Raiders     1-0    1-0
1-Whiskey Acres        1-0    0-0
4-Silverbuilders          0-1    0-1
Bracket ‘B’
3-BRM                   1-0    1-0
5-Cape Ann Cap    0-1    0-1
2-Les Ray              0-1    0-1

Respectfully submitted, Commissioners Burridge, Connolly, Maddern, McKenzie and Ostrowski